Monday, March 12, 2007

Ze Frenchie???

I was born French. It is by some odd fluke of nature that this birth took place in California of two completely American parents. By the time I was nine years old, my mother had accepted the fact that I would eventually leave her to make my way in Paris. My father did everything to squash my plans and was thrilled when eventually I fell in love with a Canadian. Little did he know, MY Candian has a French passport. It took some cajoling and 15 years of marriage, but February 2002 we moved here. For good.
Within two years I had a French passport of my own, which was no small feat, as the (dis-)functionnaire assigned to my file threw every road block possible along my way.

I live here now, in the bobo hq of the 7th arrondisement. One child goes to the local public school and I begin most of my mornings at a cafe with other parents from the 'hood. Building friendships, decoding cultural differences, establishing local haunts, and finding enough ethnic cuisine for a bit of spice have been the challenges of the past four years. That, and writing about this enchanted city for internet content providers and in the form of Ready, Set, Go, a Kids guide to Paris (yet to be published).

Travel and museums are my two greatest passions, so Paris is the perfect base for me as I haunt galleries, follow world class shows across Europe and get involved in the local art scene.


Truffaut said...

Bienvnue, Phread! Thanks for joining in this little adventure. I'm looking forward to seeing where it will take us!

Luc said...

With Truffaut, Jérôme and now Phread aboard I know that this petit navire is heading for a world of discoveries. Bienvenue cher Phread.

Bienvenue to Our Paris: Variations on a Theme

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs about Paris. So why another? Well, among all those blogs, there is a lot of misinformation. Some of them are outdated. Some of them appeal only to a small audience. And frankly, some of them are just plain boring.

Our Paris: Variations on a Theme will be different. The title is deliberate.

"Our" because we are a small family of bloggers--people living, working and playing in the City of Light.

"Paris" because each of us loves Paris above all other cities.

"Variations" because we come from wildly diverse backgrounds and our daily lives, though intersecting, are very different from one another.

"Theme" because, as a group, we are linked in bonds of friendship and adventure that have grown from a common love of Paris and all she has to offer.

We dont' know where this blog will take us. We do know that it will be accurate, interesting, diverse, and above all else, opinionated!

Whether you're dreaming of a "someday" trip to Paris, you're in a panic because your flight is leaving tomorrow morning, or you're reading this on your Blackberry while strolling the avenue des Champs-Elysées, there will be something in this blog for you!

In the coming days, we will introduce ourselves. Those who become loyal readers will see themes emerge and discover the shared interests of our little band of bloggers. Come, join with us on this adventure. Ask us what you want to know about Paris.